Pots, Baskets and Gift Items:
  • A large range of clay, plastic, and ceramic decorative pots with sizes from 2” to 24”. Colors such as terra cotta , white, cream, etc. Saucers are also available.
  • All sizes, shapes and colors of baskets.
  • Decorative brass and ceramic ornaments.
  • Melodious wind chimes of every description.
  • Tropical windsocks.
  • Decorative flags & flagpoles.


  • Gardening books including tropical and native plants, palms, orchids, herbs, houseplants, cactus, and many more.
  • Books on animals including: birds, fish, turtles, cats, sheep and dogs.
  • Books on ponds including: set-up, maintenance and decorating.
Children's Books and Toys:
  • ”Klutz” activity books
  • Nature toys, puzzles
  • Educational kits and toys.

  • Good selection of Mylar special occasion balloons.
  • Colourful selection of rubber balloons.
  • Helium tank rental available.




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